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  • TYLT Vu Blade Wireless Charger


    TYLT Vu Blade Wireless Charger


    The V? BLADE Wireless Charger is a 2-in-1 wireless charging pad. Use as a flat pad or as an upright stand. The adjustable coil avoids dead spots for convenient charging of any device. Featuring Qi’s 15 Watt power deliver, the V? BLADE charges up to 3x faster than standard wireless charging. (Fast wireless charge is compatible with Galaxy S6 edge , Note5, and later models.)

    Compatible With All Qi Devices
    ? iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
    ? Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge
    ? all other Qi devices

    2-In-1 Charger
    The V? Blade easily switches from a wireless charging stand to a flat charging pad. Charge your device in the standing position for your viewing convenience, or use the charger in the flat position for a low profile.

    Adjustable Coil
    The single coil in the V? Blade is adjustable to guarantee a fit when charging your device in the stand position.


    Material soft-touch
    Width (in.) .83
    Length (in.) 2.7
    Height (in.) 6.14
    Input Currency (A) 1.45
    Input Voltage (V) 15
    Wireless Standard Qi

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